Congratulations to our newest member: Bishop Stepan Sus

On January 1st, 2021 I had the distinct pleasure of presenting His Excellency, Bishop Stepan Sus with a Honorary Lifetime Membership and welcoming him into our wonderful organization. Bishop Sus was visiting the US from Ukraine, where he serves as Curial Bishop of Ukrainian Catholic Major Archeparchy of Kyiv–Halychyna. Prior to his episcopal ordination January 12, 2020 he was pastor as St. Peter & Paul Garrison Church in Lviv and head of the Military Chaplaincy Center in Lviv. He is well known and loved in Ukraine for his outstanding support and dedication to Ukrainian troops and their families. Shortly after his episcopal ordination he was appointed Chaplain General of CYM (Ukrainian Youth Organization SUM) worldwide. We are truly honored to have Bishop Stepan as a LUC member, and since Bishop Stepan lives in Ukraine LUC is now international!!!

LUC Members: Bishop Paul Chomnycky, Bishop Stepan Sus, Sophia Shchur, Bishop Bohdan Danylo

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our newest LUC member, Bishop Stepan Sus on his First Anniversary of Episcopal Ordination January 12, 2020-2021. Axios!!!

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