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Our organization, League of Ukrainian Catholics of America was founded in 1933 by a group of like minded and concerned young Ukrainian Catholics in an effort to unify, support and maintain our spiritual traditions.

Almost 90 years later, we as beneficiaries of our founders vision and work, have organized our first virtual conference with the emphasis on unity and spiritual support which is so deeply needed during this time of ongoing Covid pandemic.

We hope you will join us for Transformation 2020 Conference: “Transforming Calamity into Unity, Dignity and Healing” on October 10th, 2020. Registration is simple and free. After registering you will be sent a link by email to view the conference.

We thank our outstanding UGCC leadership, Archbishop Borys Gudziak, Bishops Andrij Rabij, Benedict Aleksijchuk, Bohdan Danylo, and Paul Chomnycky for embracing this opportunity to spiritually support and strengthen us.

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